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Rent-to-own details.

Since this is a true rental program, there are no credit checks and no obligations for you to continue renting.  You may return the building at anytime, with no penalty to you.
Frequently asked questions

Q.  How much is the down payment?

A.  The initial payment, typically two months rent, is required for delivery & setup of the building.

Q.  When do my payments begin?

A Your first and last months rent is due upon signing the rental contract. (Your last month's rent will be held as a deposit.) Your second payment will be due about 30 days after your shed is delivered.  You will receive invoices every month, approximately two weeks before your payment is due.

Q.  Can I put extra money down to lower my payment?

A.  Yes.  Any extra money you put down above the required amount will be deducted from the cash price of the building.  The payment will then be figured off of that amount.  

Q.  Can I pay extra money toward the principal?

A.  Since this is a true rent-to-own and not an installment sale, there is no principal to apply extra money to. However, if your account is up-to-date and you wish to pay extra in a given month, we will hold it in a deposit account to be applied to the discounted early purchase of your building at any time.

Q.  Can I purchase my building before my contract is finished?

A.  Yes.  You can pay-off your contract at anytime with no penalties. KM Rental provides a discount from your contract balance based on the number of payments you have made.

Q.  Can I add improvements to the inside or outside of the building?

A.  Contact KM Rental before making any changes to the building.

Q.  Can I return my building?

A.  Yes. A rent-to-own contract is a month to month Rental Agreement. Just call us and we will schedule a convenient time to retrieve the storage building.